Belgium 1940-1945

Wannes Devos & Kevin Gony (ed.)
Lannoo-Racine publishers
In joint operation with the War Heritage Institute

War. Occupation. Liberation illustrates all aspects of the war and goes well beyond the boundaries of traditional military history. The authors of course dissect military operations and discuss the complex reality of occupation: the German invasion in May 1940 and the part played by the King, the Force publique operations in Africa, life in an occupied country, collaboration and resistance, persecution of Jews, war economy, art theft, etc.

However, they also focus on the turbulent era preceding the war through the issues left by the Great War, the rise of radical political movements and the position of women in the New Order. They eventually concentrate on the challenging aftermath: liberation, purge, the Battle of the Bulge and the V-bombs, the remembrance of war.

Striking pictures supplied by national and foreign archives, information on unique heritage items and an epilogue by internationally acclaimed historian Richard Overy.

About the authors

The book was written by a series of expert authors and edited by Wannes Devos and Kevin Gony. Contributions by Mathieu Billa, Jean Cardoen, Wannes Devos, Luc De Vos, Bruno De Wever, Manuel Duran, Anne Godfroid, Kevin Gony, Erik Janssen, Michel Jaupart, Chantal Kesteloot, Catherine Lanneau, Pierre Lierneux, Dirk Luyten, Fabrice Maerten, Koen Palinckx, Natasja Peeters, Kris Quanten, Dimitri Roden, Laurence Schram, Peter Schrijvers, Sandrine Smets, Jean-Michel Sterkendries, Jan Van der Fraenen, Olivier Van der Wilt, Lawrence Van Haecke, Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde, Roel Vande Winkel, Christine Van Everbroeck, Piet Veldeman, Dave Warnier and Nico Wouters.

EAN 9789401459082 | Hardcover | 328 pages | € 29,99