National Projects

Liberation Column

A column consisting of historic vehicles belonging to the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces and the War Heritage Institute, featuring 50 vehicles from the Second World War and 20 modern vehicles used by the Land Component. The current Belgian Armed Forces were formed in 1944 when the Belgian military forces fought for our freedom within the British Armed Service. Today the Belgian Armed Forces still stand for the same values as they did then, but they are also prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.
Total length of the column: 700 metres. Many cities and municipalities will be celebrating their reclaimed freedom during the parade.









Exhibition: ‘War – Occupation – Liberation’

This prestigious and engaging exhibition about World War II poses the confrontational question, ‘What choices do you make when face-to-face with history?’ Featuring more than 2000 collection items displayed in over 3000 m² of exhibition space.
The permanent exhibition can be visited from 9/05/2019 at the War Heritage Institute, Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History location – Brussels

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Belgium WWII Website

of CegeSoma contains research on collaboration, justice and repression in Belgium.



War Graves

Digital database of the War Heritage Institute with all the Belgian military who fell in the Second World War.
From October/November 2019






War Grave Commemorative Shields

Commemorative shields ‘PRO PATRIA 1940-1945’ for marking graves of the fallen soldiers in civilian cemeteries. Available free of charge from October 2019. For Municipal councils.
From October 2019





National Holiday

An historic evocation reflecting on the liberation of Belgium by the Piron Brigade and the Allies. Participation of the Liberation Column in the traditional parade with 20 vehicles from the Historic Battalion’s B-Squadron.