The populations

In the summer of 1944, there were various armed resistance movements in Belgium, with approximately 150,000 members. They made an important contribution to the liberation of the country by collecting intelligence, through acts of sabotage and through effective confrontations with the Germans.
A few outbreaks of violence and opportunism arose among the “resistors of the final hours”. And yet the role of the Resistance in the last months of the war was important, and during the entire war almost 15,000 members of the Belgian Resistance gave their lives.
The Resistance was not a single entity, but if we look at the different groups and movements in all their various forms, its net effect is impressive. The Resistance was very valuable to the Allies, but today its role is sometimes misunderstood, and should be emphasised more in the collective memory of the liberation.

The Last Witnesses

Recording the stories of the last witnesses. A few examples of these initiatives include: the City of Antwerp in cooperation with the FelixArchief, and the Province of Namen in cooperation with the University of Namen.


Children of the Resistance (VRT-Canvas)

A VRT-Canvas series with stories from the children of Resistance members talking about the impact that the war had on them.

From October 2019


From Liberation to Victory: A Look at Local History

Seminar by CegeSoma on the history of the municipalities between September 1944 and May 1945.

For Dutch-speaking history groups: 17/06/2019



The Belgian War Press

A peep into the world of the clandestine Belgian press during the Second World War.