Liberation of Belgium

On 2 September 1944, Mons was the first major city on Belgian territory to be liberated by the American 3rd Armoured Division. The rest of the country was also liberated in the days that followed. This is still commemorated annually in various cities and municipalities. In September and October 2019 this will undoubtedly be happening in many places in the country and annual commemorations will also take on a distinctive character. The liberators of the time will play a key role: Americans, British, Canadians, Polish and Belgians (including the Piron Brigade).


Northern Liberation Column

A unique evocation with 70 vehicles. Featuring both historical vehicles (including a Sherman tank form the War Heritage Institute collection) and modern vehicles (e.g. a Piranha) from the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces.

31/08 – 13/09/2019

Mons – Ath – Enghien – Halle – Brussels – Vilvoorde – Mechelen – Breendonk – Willebroek – Boom – Antwerp – Brasschaat – Brecht – Turnhout – Geel – Leopoldsburg










Southern Liberation Column

A unique, historic evocation of the heavy offensive in the Ardennes.

Bastogne – Houffalize – La-Roche-en-Ardenne – Hotton – Manhay – Vielsalm – Stavelot – Spa – Malmedy – Elsenborn