Bastogne Memory Film Festival

For the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, the Bastogne Memorial ASBL organises the first edition of the Memory Film Festival in collaboration with CineXtra and the Bastogne War Museum. There will be screenings of films and documentaries, movie clubs and VIP events.


  • 5€ per session
  • Pass all sessions (except the Soirée Tapis rouge): 15€
  • Soirée Tapis rouge: 75€ (meals and drinks included) AND RESERVATION REQUIRED



  • CineXtra Bastogne (Rue Gustave DELPERDANGE, 1 – 6600 BASTOGNE)
  • Bastogne War Museum (Colline du Mardasson, 5 – 6600 BASTOGNE)
Bastogne Memory Film Festival